Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Top 5: Quotes Edition #12

I'm back with another round of quotes today. When scrolling through my recent posts, I couldn't believe that I haven't shared quotes since September! How did that happen? I have five great ones to share that have really resonated with me recently.

Recently in one of my classes, we've been talking a lot about gender and how gender is at play in the classroom. We had an interesting discussion last week about the misconceptions surrounding feminism. I never really understood feminism and to be honest I was kind of put off by it. I don't love extremes in any contexts and I mistakenly perceived feminism as an extreme. I have a completely different understanding of feminism now and I loved acquiring this new knowledge as it allowed me to re-evaluate my stance on feminism.
This quote really struck me recently, especially as a teacher. I got my placement details for my last teaching internship yesterday and I immediately felt overwhelmed. Many parts of teaching are overwhelming - you have a bunch of little minds looking to you for guidance. Some days teaching feels like a superpower and other days, I feel like the hottest mess in town. But this quote reminded me that caring about my students and my teaching practice will carry me far.
Speaking of teaching, this quote has been on my mind recently. I am doing my best to go into this field experience as a strong leader. I'm looking for ways to impact my students in a way that will carry them far beyond my classroom. I want them to remember skills I provided them with as useful to their practical lives.
I have this quote stuck to a little magnetic board over my desk and I see it every morning. I look at these words every morning but this week, I needed them. This little quote came on a card that a family friend gave me years ago but it serves as the most important reminder. These words really warmed my heart this week.
I saw this quote chalked on the sidewalk near my work weeks ago and I still think of it often. I am so lucky to see this quote as true to my life - I'm so grateful to the people that surround me and always have a little love for me :)

Happy Tuesday! See you tomorrow,

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