Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Little This & That

There has been a whole lot going on around here lately. Our renovation is just about done (although I say this with caution because we're so close and this part has been the longest), we are awaiting a very special day (more on this later), my skating programs kicked off (cue more arena time!) and with Halloween around the corner, I am doing my best to soak up all of the Fall fun before the chill arrives and it's Christmastime!

Today, I'm going through my camera roll and sharing little bits and pieces of things that were meant to be shared over the summer but just kind of accumulated - so a little bit of everything. Some crafts, some food, some general updates... you know? Just all the good stuff that's been going on :)
My cousin had a baby in August (!!!) and my Dad and I teamed up to make a growth chart to gift them. The baby's nursery is animal themed so we stuck to the theme and crafted up this fun little project!

Another little craft project from this summer - these coasters! With the help of cricut, I was able to make these fun coasters for our family friends. We decided on 4 wine sayings, my cricut cut them out and I personalized them with a little N&J at the bottom! Cute, right? I was so happy with how these turned out!
We spent many weekends at the cottage this summer, just paddle boarding around. Because I LOVE paddle boarding. I could paddle board all day long (and sometimes I do!). My cousin took this picture of the Bean and I on the dock and it is just summer perfection. There is a special place in my heart for chilly cottage evenings with our friends. And yes, the Bean and I are wearing the exact same sweater. That's been happening a lot lately.
More cottage love? Yes please! A couple friends and I went up to the cottage one day this summer and spent the whole day on the water just paddling around and catching up - perfection! I am eternally grateful and amazed by the wonderful friends that I have. I counted my lucky stars many times this summer.
I have mentioned these little nuggets before on the blog - I have babysat them since they were itty bitty and now that they're not so tiny, I try to treat them to some fun a couple of times a year. Just because they don't necessarily need a babysitter anymore does not mean that they don't need positive role models to care for them. That is how I've tried to remain present for them - just a cheerleader who loves on them whenever I can :) I took them to an aerial tree course just before they went back to school and it was such a fun treat for them! These smiling faces in a tree are the best!
On a quick trip to Ikea this summer, I noticed this in the entrance way and I LOVED it! I love that they are choosing to put love at the forefront - so important. What a special welcome!
Did somebody say bruschetta? Y'all I could eat bruschetta for breakfast lunch and supper (I'd have it for dessert too!). I whipped some up and served it gluten free baguette as an appetizer one night and it was perfection!

My Mama turned 50 in September and we celebrated her big! It was such a fun party and I was so glad to have some of my favorite people there! I will share more pictures and details about the party in a separate post.
I got to hike in the prettiest Fall colors with some of my favorite girls! And guess what? Apparently I took one picture that evening and this is it! Ha! It does not do any of the Fall colors justice but we hiked through some spectacular trees and an even better sunset!
What, what!? This is merely a teaser. I promise, I will dedicate a whole post to our newest addition once she is home. I just had to share this picture! There is nothing better than sleeping puppies.
I tried making some gluten free & dairy free cinnamon buns earlier this month and they actually turned out pretty good! They were all gone in barely 24 hours so I think my crew approved! I will have to make another batch soon so I can share the recipe!
And last but not least, my skating program! We are two weeks in and it is going insanely well! It is bigger than ever this year - we have about 105 kids total this years (split over three separate sessions) and that terrified me. It still terrifies me sometimes! That's a heck of a lot of kids but I have the best team around me. I have bragged about my skating coaches in the past (I've been lucky to have great people surround me in this program) but this year is a whole new level. Seriously the best group of people and I know we are going to have a great year coaching together!

Talk about a random assortment of goodness, right? Have a fabulous day!

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  1. What a fun wrap up of your summer... I can't believe it, I made the blog - famous! :D