Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Jar :)

I started my happy jar in 2013 after seeing one Pinterest. I love my happy jar because I don't feel pressured to write something everyday, but when I do have something that I know I'll want to remember as a happy thought, I write it down and stick it in my jar! I keep it on the corner of my desk which serves as a reminder to write down things that make me happy, but it also serves as a reminder to choose to be happy. When I am sitting at my desk, it often catches my eye and I am instantly reminded that I have so much to be happy about. 
I designed little Happy Jar Cards to keep on my desk for whenever I have something to write down. I usually print out 3 sheets of these at a time, which lasts me about 2 months. I print my cards on regular white paper so they are easy to fold up, but they could easily be printed on cardstock if you want your cards to be a little bit more durable! To make my happy jar, I used a large Mason Jar and glued some printouts on the outside using Modge Podge. It has held up really well and has been extremely low maintenance.

I hope you find your happy today!

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  1. OUU! A happy jar is a great idea!! But snow?? Huh-uh honey....