Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites: a bit of everything

Happy Friday! I have found myself looking forward to whatever is coming next lately, especially after a busy few months with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years all in a row. I am just waiting for a little excitement around here, but there is very little of that in January! I am looking forward to Valentine's day, Spring Break, Easter, Cinco De Mayo... all the fun celebrations in the late winter/spring! Here are some of the things that I am loving right now:
1. I have loved these glass markers for a long time, but my appreciation for them grew over the holidays. These come in handy when you're hosting and have multiple glasses out. To keep track of a glass, just write someone's name right on their glass with one of these. The marker comes off really easily with soap & water or in the dishwasher! My family uses the Parker & Bailey brand because we spotted them on sale a couple of years ago at a HomeGoods & I love them! You can find them HERE.

2. My mom got a 'pot d'amour' for Christmas, which is french 'pot of love.' It is full of quotes about love, as I was reading through them the other day, I found one that I love so much! The quote is by Spinoza and it says "Aimer et être aimé, c'est sentir le soleil des deux cotés." This translates to 'Loving and being loved, is feeling the sun from both sides.' These have been my favorite words lately!
3. One of my Christmas presents was delayed in the mail and I got to open it when I got home from school yesterday. I was so excited to find that it was an LA Dodgers hat. My mom was realizing yesterday that I wear a lot of baseball hats for someone who doesn't play baseball or watch baseball - which is true, I have no interest in baseball! I wear my Boston Red Sox hat because I love the colors and I have wanted this LA hat since I was very little because Hilary Duff wears one just like it in 'A Cinderella Story.'
4. I made this ridiculously easy Artisan Bread Rolls this week and they were perfection! I have loved having sandwiches on them all week! If you are not experienced with baking bread, this is a great place to start because they could not have been easier to make! You can find the recipe HERE.

5. Today was a great week in my kitchen, I made those rolls & I made some delicious Butter Pecan Tarts!! They have been such a great treat this week, I'll be sharing the recipe next week!

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Have a great weekend!

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