Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

How is this already the last Friday Favorites of January!? I can't believe how fast this month flew buy! I've started to count down to Spring Break and I am getting so excited! I can't wait to get leave all of this snow for the beach - is it too soon to start packing? I love packing for trips, maybe I'll share some of my tricks as I actually start packing (because I don't really start this early!!). But for now, here are my favorites for this week...

1. In December September (because I start planning for Christmas THAT early), I shared my love for this online store:
Hairbow Supplies etc. sells all sorts of crafting supplies to make hair accessories. I get all of the ribbon to make the Bean's bows through Hairbow supplies etc. and this year I ordered some of their colored elastic to make hair elastics. I made hair elastics that look like these:
I tucked them in the gifts that we had for many of the girls in my family and they were loved by all! I love wearing these on my wrist justr as much as I love wearing them in my hair and they were so easy to make!
2. I made apple turnovers on Sunday and I have not been able to get them off my mind! They were so delicious and I couldn't believe how easy they were to make! I love that I know this recipe now and I can't wait to make them again and again! If you want to make this recipe too, you can find it HERE.

3. Every Sunday, after dinner, my family writes down something we are grateful for or something that made us happy that week. Well, last week, my Mom said she that my Palmiers made her happy and the Bean said my Apple Turnovers made her happy! Baking a little happiness for my family is one of my favorite things!

4. Usually I have a long, long list of things I want to bake next, but since making Apple Turnovers, my list is empty! I have a couple of bigger things that I want to make, like cupcakes but I usually save those for special occasions. So, I am excited to just scroll through Pinterest and find inspiration! I adore scrolling through Pinterest and letting my mind fill with ideas! I'm hoping to find some new favorite recipes that, of course, I will share on here!!
5. I found the cutest online boutique called Hipster Row and they are selling these darling scarves for Valentine's day for $7.99!! They have them in a couple different colors and they are all so pretty! I love that they are subtly festive but could easily be worn any other day of the year! You can find them HERE.
6. Gilmore Girls was one of my favorite things last week, and I have to include it again because I'm hooked! All I want to do is watch this show. I'm trying to savor it because as much as I want to devour it, I don't want to end! I found out yesterday that Stars Hallow was created based on Washington Depot, Connecticut and if Stars Hallow is a real place, I need to be there! Have any of you been to Washington Depot, Connecticut!? Is it really like Stars Hallow?

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Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is full of so much goodness!

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