Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites: Lots of Love & Snow

Happy Friday, everyone! This week was full of love and snow - let me catch you up...

1. We got hit by an INSANE amount of snow on Monday! My family woke up Monday morning to winter wonderland! We haven't gotten snow like this in years and I am loving it!
My mom and I went for a walk last night to look for the tallest snowbanks and we found so many! Most of the snowbanks go to just above my hip but...

some of them are sooo tall!! The picture above is my mama standing next to a snowbank on someone's front lawn! Holy Moly!
And we found huge snowbanks in a parking lot near our house - that's me and my dog in front of one! A few things to note... 1. yes, my dog's jacket matches mine. That was completely unintentional but my mom got a good kick out of it! & 2. We carried my dog for most of this walk because he's a 7lb Havanese puppy who doesn't love the cold! He is much happier in someone's arms! 
2. On Tuesday morning, I woke up to some sweet Valentine's treats! I love Valentine chocolate, but I especially love those little cinnamon hearts - so good!!

3. Speaking of Valentine treats - I blogged about some fun homemade Valentine treats on Wednesday! I made heart shaped cinnamon buns and heart shaped sugar cookies to celebrate love this week and they were delicious! You can find that post HERE.
4. How many times can I possibly mention Gilmore Girls in my Friday Favorites!? I'm seriously hoping I fall out of love with this show at some point because it's all I want to do with my days! I'm halfway through season 3 and I spend my days wondering when the heck Luke and Lorelai will end up together & wondering whether Rory will choose Yale over Harvard!! This show was a slow start for me but it is my all time favorite show now!

5. There was a sale on Alex & Ani bracelets at a little store in my neighborhood so I picked up 2! I got the King's Crown & the April birthstone bangle (I'm not born in April but I love the charm!). I love layering my Alex and Ani's and I especially love how easily they pair with other jewellery!

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  1. I love Gilmore Girls too! I started watching in high school and love watching them over again. You might also like the Gilmore Guys podcast it's pretty funny.

    1. I hadn't heard of the Gilmore Girls podcast - I'm looking it up right now! Thank you for the suggestion, Morgan!

  2. I'm totally obsessed with Gilmore Girls. It's basically my comfort food, lol!!!! Also... SO. MUCH. SNOW. I've never seen anything like that... but I'd kind of love to!!

    1. Yes! Gilmore Girls is just like comfort food! That's the best analogy, Sara! The snow is a little crazy around here! It's fun but so cold! Have a great weekend :)