Thursday, February 9, 2017

Party Games: Blindfolded Scavenger Hunt

This game has been part of my family's party game repertoire for a long, long time. And not only is it fun at parties but it is great for team building, so this game could be used at office parties or in classrooms to promote effective communication among colleagues/classmates!

To begin, every guest needs to pair up - depending on the kiddos at the party I may choose to pair them up to avoid conflict, but older kids are usually able to pair off without much help. Once they are paired off, their pairing becomes their 'team.' One member of the team is gets blindfolded and the other will be providing directions.

Once all of the teams are ready to go (i.e. one of them is blindfolded) the animator needs to hide a treat somewhere in the room. In the past, I've hidden candy, chocolate, small value iTunes giftcards, or any other little Dollar Store prize - I recommend choosing a prize that can be easily shared between both teammates, or hide two of the same thing. When the prize is hidden, the teammate that is providing directions needs to lead their blindfolded partner to the treat, BUT they can only use their words - they cannot physically move their partner towards the treat.

So, quick recap - 1 blindfolded partner, 1 'talker' and 1 hidden treat. The 'talker' must lead their blindfolded partner to the hidden prize using only their words. When the hidden prize is found, the game is over & the team who finds the prize gets to keep it! I usually play this game two of three times to give many people the chance to win.

Happy Thursday!

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