Thursday, March 2, 2017

Family T-Shirts

I have always wanted my family to have matching vacation t-shirts. I've also always wanted a much bigger family - you know, like 3 or 4 siblings in all matching vacation shirts. Well, it's just me & the Bean but I am still pretty excited to get my whole crew in matching shirts!
I used my cricut to make the sand dollar and letters that are ironed on to the front of the shirts. I programmed my cricut to cut out a large sand dollar and around the sand dollar, it says 'Anna Maria Island' and '2017.'
I bought iron-on vinyl from  Happy Crafters and I love their stuff! My cricut does all the heavy lifting - I usually open a new tab and work on homework while my cricut is doing its thing.
When the cricut is done cutting, I peel off all of the extra vinyl. If any vinyl is tough to get off, I use to edge of a paperclip to help get it going.
Then, I iron my cut out onto a shirt. I ordered these sport grey t-shirts from jiffy shirts and they turned out great - they're inexpensive but great quality! And that's it!

The Bean had some fun modelling the shirt on the pier for me (thank you, Bean!!) and it's her birthday today!! I'll be celebrating with her today - we have some fun stuff planned!! I am anxiously awaiting her birthday party too!

Happy Thursday & Happy Birthday, Bean!!

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