Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Morning

Every year, my family has the most amazing Easter egg hunt! Even though we're older my parents make sure to treat us BIG time with fun Easter traditions! Here is what our hunt looks like:
We get a series of clues that lead us to different locations around our house. This is how our hunt went this year:

We started at our hunt at the dining room table where there was some Hersey Kisses and a note that said "Happy Easter little Bunnies! Here is your first clue... The chocolate madness begins! Have fun!" And our first clue was:

1. I am something that has a plug... BUT there's no electricity... A boat with a hole will do this!
This clue led us to the sink in our 2nd kitchen.
We found some peanut M&M's in the sink and another clue that read...

2. I have a door but I'm not a cupboard. I have buttons but I'm not an elevator. I beep but I'm not a car.
This clue led us to the microwave where we found some chocolate eggs! I should note that this clue took me a minute to figure out! Doors, Buttons, Beeping - I was confused! But the Bean figured it out!

3. What do you get when you combine keys, strings, hammers and pedals?
This clue was my jam - I knew it was the piano right away! We headed to the piano where we found some chocolate and a clue that said...

4. This is where we keep food cold even when it's old.
This led us to the freezer where we found some chilly mini eggs and the next clue...

5. Though I'm not an elephant , I am something with a trunk. If I get old and rusty, you might sell me off as junk.
This is another one that confused me! Initially, I thought it was a trunk of old toys we have in our basement, but the chocolate was hidden in our car!

6. If you are feeling hungry. And there's food you need to make. Use this to roast a chicken or some cookies it can bake.
This clue led us to the oven where found some more chocolate and another clue!

7. Rub-a-dub-dub. Dwayne me, I'm dwowning.
We found some M&M's that were speckled like eggs next to the bathtub and a clue that read...

8. What do you get when you mix nail polish, band-aids, and toothpaste? I don't know either, but they all hang out here!
We searched through all of the cupboards in our upstairs bathroom before realizing that we had a medicine cabinet downstairs too! We found the chocolate in the medicine cabinet downstairs and a another clue!

9. They call me 'pane,' look through me and you'll see people's feet!
The windows in our basement are really low to the ground so you can only see the very bottoms of people's feet outside. The Bean and I knew right away that this clue was leading us to a window in our basement. When we got downstairs, we found little Ferrero Rocher bunnies and a note that said Happy Easter little Bunnies!
By the end of our hunt, our baskets were full and we had to rush off to breakfast at a sugar shack! So much fun! I'll share about our sugaring off adventures another day!

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