Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites: Happy Easter!

The lead up to Easter this week has been especially sweet! I'm sharing some of my very best things going on in my life right now!
1. Ok, first up this week - pie crust! I have been making a whole lot of quiches lately and I always whip up a little dessert pie with the extra dough! Last week, I made a blueberry pie, and gave a lattice pie top a shot! I have tried this a couple of times in the past and it has never worked out! Well, this time it worked, I followed some Pinterest and the end result was oh so pretty!

2. More pie crust! When I made our weekly quiche this week, I braided the crust along the edge of the pie and it was stunning! Experimenting with pie crust has been on of my favorite things over the past few weeks!

3. I recently started adding Collagen to my smoothie everyday and I am excited to see if I notice any results! Collagen has been found to strengthen hair, nails, teeth and skin, which I can always use in my life! The Collagen tastes and smells pretty awful on it's own but it is completely unnoticeable in a smoothie! I use my usual smoothie recipe, which you can find HERE.
4. I picked up this color in February thinking it was a perfect Easter color. I have been anxiously waiting to use it and finally painted my nails with it yesterday! It is just as wonderful as I was hoping it would be! It is the most perfect Spring and Easter pink!

5. My family has big plans this weekend - a little shopping at the Gap today, my Grandma's 81st birthday tonight, Easter brunch with my Dad's side of the family tomorrow morning, Easter with my family on Sunday morning and Sugaring off in the afternoon on Sunday! Full weekends are my favorite and I am particularly excited about all of the Easter festivities going on!

6. Speaking of my Grandma turning 81, I'm on cake duty for the party! I have been working on sketches all week and have finally come up with a plan! I'll be sure to blog all about the final product but as I am writing this, it is still just a vision in my head! I'll update my instagram with pictures as the cake progresses!

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Happy, happy Easter! Thank you for reading!

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