Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Wormy Walk of 2017!

I should preface this post by saying that I really do love nature, and I appreciate the importance of respecting other living things. But the amount of worms I saw on this walk FREAKED me out! We did our best not to step on any of the worms but at some points they were literally everywhere! Intrigued? Here are some pictures from the wormiest walk I have ever been on...

After sugaring off all morning, my family burned off a little of the sugar by walking on a trail in the woods near by! Everything started off normal. We saw horseshoe prints in the mud - the Bean was so excited about this!

There was still a lot of snow & ice in the woods, but it wasn't below zero, so a lot of the snow & ice was melted or evaporating! Some of the fog from the evaporation is visible in that first picture!

We saw chopped tree stumps with some really cool designs in the trunk!
And the cutest little bridge to walk on!
Then, we started seeing worms - at first it was just a few. Then they were everywhere!

I have never seen so many worms in one place in my life! All of those pink things are worms! They were all muddled together in clumps. Every time we saw a new puddle full of worms, I thought 'this is it! This is the most worms there could ever be in one puddle!' Then, we'd see another puddle with even more worms in it! I spent the majority of this walk squealing!

We walked out for a bit and on our way back to our car it started pouring! And by pouring, I mean it was like someone was dumping buckets of water on our heads! I was soaked right through my rain jacket! We ran back to the car and drove home where we bundled up in sweatpants and hoodies in front of a warm fire! 

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