Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Advice from 2nd Graders

A couple of weeks ago, I finished up a student teaching internship. I spent 3 weeks in a second grade classroom. After my first day, I was overwhelmed to say the least! Second grade is loud and busy - there is so much going on! So after day 1, I was just discouraged. I didn't think I could ever get the hang of working with 22 seven year olds at once.

But I just powered through, continuously reminding myself that this is a learning experience and I need to be gentle with myself. And guess what!? I fell in love with those loud and busy seven year olds. They are challenging but they are so wonderful! These little beings are so full of love and so full of wisdom. I was so sad to leave but I am so excited to go back and see how these kids flourish over the next few years! On my last day, the kids made a card full of advice for me as I grow towards becoming a teacher!

I was impressed by how wise and thoughtful the advice was. The notes they wrote to me are such important reminders as I become a teacher, but I also think they are important to remember on a daily basis! Here are some of the highlights from the advice I received from the sweetest group of seven year olds:

  • be brave - I so need to remember to have courage as I face difficult things as a teacher!

  • Smile! - Smiling is so important! The girl that wrote this greeted me with the sweetest smile every morning! I love that she walks her talk!

  • Be nice to your students and other teachers - yes sir! This is so important! Kindness is key! 

  • Bring a healthy lunch - the sweet boy that wrote this cracks me up! And although his note makes me laugh, it is important! It's so important to model healthy eating to kiddos, but also to just do so because it's what keeps you going strong throughout the day! 

  • If kids need help, just help them - plain, simple and so true! 

  • Do not forget cupcakes - I mean, does this girl know the way to my heart or what!?

  • Teach with love - A few of the kids wrote this and it blew me away! It is so important but so often forgotten! I think curriculum is so important but I think above anything else a teacher needs to be a loving presence in students' lives.
  • Read with your kids - I looooove reading and I am especially fond of Children's Lit! You better believe that I will be reading to my students often! 

  • Be patient with your students - note that patient was spelled a variety of fun ways throughout the card! I got pachent, pashint and payshent! I love phonemic spelling!
  • Treat everyone with respect - How are these kids so wise!? 

  • Make sure your kids like learning and are happy -  I had to transcribe this verbatim, because it is just too precious! I so hope I can inspire little ones to love learning and be happy!
  • Be smart - I mean, do I even need to expand on this one!?  

  • Teach with passion and never give up - the little boy that wrote this is wise beyond his years but I was still amazed! 
The kids glued all fo their advice on a bristol board which I am hoping to frame and hag in my future classroom! I love it so much!

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