Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beach Themed Summer Banner

Happy, happy summer!! I love how much sunlight we get during the summer and I have really been enjoying the longer days! This banner is one of my more recent cricut projects and it's not strung in my house because I actually made it as a gift! This banner was so much fun to make, here's how I did it:

I always start in the cricut design space on my computer. I plan everything out in the design space before cutting it out and putting it together.
The materials I used for this banner were very minimal - I used several different colored sheets of cardstock and some little googly eyes. Once I plan everything out in the cricut design space, the cricut takes over from there and does all of the cutting!

Once the cricut has everything cut out, I put it together using a glue stick then punch some holes in the top of every piece of the banner and string it to hang!

I included several different sea creatures on the banner - a crab, a seahorse, a shark, a sand dollar, a starfish and lots of fish! Once the banner was put together, I put some little googly eyes on the crab, the seahorse and the shark!

I am so excited to gift this and I am so so excited for this summer! See you tomorrow!

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