Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Candy Bouquets

In my Friday Favorites last week, I mentioned that I was working on a fun treat to give the Bean after her dance recital. Well, it as it turned out, The Bean got a candy bouquet but so did her three dance teachers and her favorite dance friend!

This idea came to be as I did not want to give her the typical flowers after her recital, but I wanted to get her something! And I wanted it to be something good and memorable. Well, this girl loves candy, so what better to give than candy!? I did a little Pinterest research then I put my own twist on these fun candy bouquets!

I started off by picking up candy - lots of candy! I got mini Kit Kats, mini Coffee Crisps, mini boxes of Smarties, rockets, candy bracelets, packs of juicy fruit gum, Welch's fruit gummies, fruit flavored mentos and ring pops. While buying candy, I prioritized getting candy that looked appealing to put in the bouquet. I knew I wanted to have some good stuff in there, but I also wanted it to look aesthetically pleasing.

When I was getting candy, I also bought a pack of 100 wooden skewers. At home, I used a hot gue gun to glue all of the candy to the wooden skewers like this:
I glued the skewer on to the candy so that the name of the candy is facing forward & visible. I glued some things on a angle depending on how I wanted them placed in the bouquet. I placed the chocolate bars together on a skewer, in groups of 3.

Then, I stuck the skewers into a piece of styrofoam so that all of the candy was showing. Once all of the candy was arranged, I wrapped it up like a bouquet of flowers in tissue paper and cellophane. Then I tied a matching ribbon around the base of the bouquet, where the styrofoam is. And I made a little label on my cricut to tie in with the ribbons. In the pictures above, the only one with the label done is the purple one - that's The Bean's!

The Bean's label said "You're dancing is sweet." The one's that she brought to her teachers said "Thank you for being a sweet teacher!" These were so fun to give out! The Bean loved hers & she loved bringing them to her teachers!

Let me know if you have questions!

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