Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Day in the Life at the Beach!

Yesterday, I did my best to take pictures throughout the day to share as a day in the life post! It was the most beautiful day at the beach so my pictures are mostly that - the beach! I did a whole lot of sitting by the beach and reading! Here is how I spent my Wednesday...
I woke up and enjoyed breakfast - nectarine and toast with peanut butter and jelly! I only ever have grape jelly on vacation, and it's one of my favorite things to enjoy!
After breakfast, my family headed down to the beach. The tide was way out at first so there were many runners & walkers out near the water! One of my favorite things to do at the beach is people watch!
I started Sarah Dessen's new book! I'm not that far in but I'm loving every minute of it!
After reading and sun bathing for a while, I had lunch - a turkey and Provolone sandwich with a Kind granola bar!
After lunch, the tide started coming in and the waves were so loud! There were so many people boogie boarding in the waves! There were even some stand up paddle boarders way out getting toppled over by the waves!
I paused my reading to grab a snack and found some Barnum's animal crackers! Barnum's aren't sold in Canada, so I love having them when I'm in the U.S.!
The sun was hot, hot, hot yesterday so I put up an umbrella and the tide just kept coming closer and closer!
I ran back to our little beach cottage to go to the bathroom & I always admire the pretty flowers in our yard when I'm leaving our house!
On my walk back to the beach, I walked by my favorite stop sign in our little town! There are stickers on in from all over!

This walk over the boardwalk might be my favorite in the whole world! I love that all you see is blue sky until all of a sudden, the ocean appears!
When I got back to the beach, the tide was on its way out! The tide seemed to be moving and lightning speed yesterday! Can you spot some parasailers out on the ocean!?
In the late afternoons, it gets a little chilly at the beach so we bundled up for a while before heading home and cleaning the sand off our feet! In this picture, you can spot the Paco+Lupe bag that I got for my birthday last year! I love carrying that bag to the beach everyday! You can shop Paco+Lupe HERE.
While dinner was in the oven, my dad worked on a lobster tail for his dinner (he's the only one in my family who eats sea food!). And the Bean worked on adding to her slime collection. Slime freaks me out - I don't like the way it smells, I don't like the way it feels, but the Bean is obsessed with it! I'm hoping she grows out of this phase a.s.a.p.!!!
After dinner, I got a text from my bestie (Hannah!!) saying that she had arrived in town! Wahoo! We met her family at the local ice cream shop for a cone!
I got Cookies & Cream ice cream and Hannah got a flavor called Dirty Water - huh!? Apparently it was a tasty combo of chocolate and coffee, but why in the world was it called dirty water!??!

That's what my Wednesday looked like! Not very busy, but the most perfect beach day! I'm hoping there are many more days just like this one while we're here!

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