Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

Happy Friday, sweet readers! Today is my 21st birthday!! I am celebrating before heading off to my favorite place in the whole wide world tomorrow - the beach! Since it's my birthday, I figured I would share my very favorite things about birthdays...

1. My love for birthdays runs deep! My Poppa used to joke that if the number of parties I had when I was little actually correlated with my age I'd be 45! Ha! Unfortunately that number might be an underestimate! I loved to celebrate my birthday over and over. I think I`ve mostly grown out of this, but I still love to celebrate every little thing! I think celebrating is important!

As I was looking through old birthday pictures, I remembered when I saw this one that I was obsessed with having a Harry potter cake that year even though I had never read or seen Harry Potter! :)
2. Speaking of celebrating, I love that birthdays mean cake! I love putting candles on a cake and celebrating life! Because my birthday is right in the middle of summer, I usually have an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Ice cream cake is one of my favorites!

3. I've been so lucky to have such fun birthday parties - I had a princess party, a couple pool parties and then 4 or 5 Olympic themed parties. I remember being six or seven and thinking this Olympic theme was genius!! My parents organized different games to serve as the Olympic sports. I would choose a country to host the Olympics and then we would eat food from that country during the party. Once I grew tired of the Olympic theme, I had a couple murder mysteries and the most fabulous black and gold sweet sixteen!
4. There was always magic at my birthdays - My Poppa was a magic clown in his retirement! I was petrified of clowns (and I still am just not a fan of them!) so I never let him dress up, but he always had a few tricks up his sleeve! In the picture above I was the only one to fish out the magic blue egg, so I won five bucks! I look pleased as can be! :)

5. The past few years, I've been so lucky to celebrate my birthday on the beach! I am so excited to head off and do the same this year!! 

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