Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Make & Take: Ice Cream Sundae Kits

On Sunday, my family went out for dinner and I put this fun little ice cream sundae kit together to take along with us! It could not have been easier and the end result was so cute!

I started by wrapping up an empty show box with wrapping paper - this was the toughest part. Because the lid didn't come off all the way, wrapping the shoe box was a little tough! If you can get your hands on a shoe box that has a lid that comes off completely, I highly recommend it!!
Then, I picked up some treats from the grocery store - some mini Reese's, some cookies and cream Chipits, some mini M&M's and some chocolate sprinkles!
I got some little glass jars from the Dollar Store and filled each jar with some toppings! When I opened my bag of Reese's they had all melted! I was so bummed! I used some SKOR bits that I had on hand instead!
Along with the toppings, I picked up an ice cream scoop to include in the box!
While I was on vacation, I found some little treat cups in the dollar section at Target - I have a few more packages so I can make more of these boxes in the future!
I filled the bottom of the show box with some blue and white tissue paper to match the wrapping paper. And finally, I arranged the toppings, bowls and scoop in the tissue paper - and that's it! So easy and so cute!

We brought some vanilla ice cream to go with the box and it all came together for under $15! I love that this house warming gift looks impressive but it is totally reasonably priced! What would you include in an ice cream sundae kit if you were to make one!? I'd love suggestions for the future!