Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Today, I'm talking about a little treat that I put together for my dog during the summer! But first, a little life update - I have been in my school with my cooperating teacher for a while now! We've been decorating and setting up some welcome activities for the kids on the first day! And today is the day! We will have 19 little six year olds coming in bright and early to kick off their school year! I am anticipating a lot of work but a lot of fun! I am so excited to spend 4 whole months in the first grade!

Okay, back to my dog treat - this is totally not something I ever imagined sharing on my blog! I am all about human food, but I really do try to avoid interacting with dog food as much as possible! If I can get out of feeding the dog by offering to do any other task, I will do it! I would rather do a whole stack of dishes than feed the dog. All of this being said, I do love my dog and I love to make this treat for him on hot days (then wash my hands really well afterwards!).
I chop up some of my dog's favorite treats. You could use anything your dog loves! I use cheese and some liver. I mix them together in a little container then fill the container with water just enough to cover the treats.

I use a really small container because my dog is little, but if you have a bigger dog, you could easily use a much bigger container. You could also fill your container with more water, so that your pooch is getting more water and less treat - and this way your dog would be occupied for longer!

Cover the container and leave it to solidify in the freezer overnight. These keep for a long time, so you could easily make a few at a time and pop them out on a hot day! I typically run a little bit of hot water around the outside of the container and the pupsicle pops out easily. I put the pupsicle in a little IKEA bowl just so it is contained.

My dog, Finn is not the most patient and tends to give up fairly quickly if something is a little challenging for him. That could be because he's a little white dog - ha! But I love that these pupsicles keep his attention (and keep him hydrated!). He does not get these often and he is always excited about them! I continue to put his pupsicles in a little bowl, just in case he does give up or get distracted, I can pop the leftovers back in the freezer!

As fall approaches, I know our hot, summer days are numbered! But, let me know if you get to try this before summer ends!

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