Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites: halfway through October

Happy Friday! I can hardly believe how quickly we are cruising through the Fall! My family is starting to talk about Christmas cards, Christmas parties and family photo sessions! It is crazy to think that all of this will be happening in just a little over 2 months!

1. Today is picture day for my first graders! It has been a hot minute since I've had picture day, but I am so looking forward to seeing all of my kiddos dressed up and ready to have their photo taken! One of my favorite things about first grade is the missing teeth! I don't love when they lose their teeth (the loose teeth wiggling freaks me out!) but I love the little gaps they have in their smiles!
2. Years ago, my parents were camping during a crazy rainstorm in Vermont. Their camp ground was soaked so they called up some friends (Lesley & Peter) who they barely knew at the time. And asked if they could sleep at their place! During that stay, my mom thanked Lesley and Peter for sharing their table with her and my dad. Who knew that 20+ years later we would still be 'sharing a table' with these friends! I wasn't born yet when they shared that first meal, but I have been lucky enough to take part in many meals since! This is my very favorite table to sit around!
3. Last weekend, during our little stay in Vermont I picked up a pair of these cute moccasins! They are so comfy and I love the way they pair with my new pajama bottoms from Zulily! I am still soaking up all things Fall but I love how winter-y this little slipper and pajama duo is!

4. Yesterday, I posted a Trader Joe's Haul. If there was a Trader Joe's in Canada I would be in big trouble! I love browsing through this fun store and I always find some really fun treats! I really love that Trader Joe's goes all out with seasonal treats - they go pumpkin crazy around this time of year and I couldn't love it anymore! 
5. I'm going to be super transparent here and just say - I can't sew very well. I have tried on so many occasions and for the most part, my projects are just not successful! Well, last weekend I conquered sewing an eye pillow! This project was a total success and it is totally do-able for any fellow non-sewers out there! I will be talking more about these glorious eye pillows next week. And maybe I will get more adventurous with some sewing because I really do wish I could sew!

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Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend!


  1. Cute pajamas! I just ordered some new slippers (very similar to yours!) as my old ones were falling apart. Trader Joe's has so many great things! I am looking forward to all of their Christmas items. They always have lots of international cookies and chocolates around Christmas time! And good job on the sewing! I am pretty crafty, but sewing is just one thing I don't really enjoy. I really wish I could do it though. Fortunately for me my mom is great at sewing and quilting! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I have never been to Trader Joe's around the holidays! Thank you for the suggestion! I can totally relate! I'm a pretty good crafter but sewing is so hard for me! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Love those slippers and pjs! They look super cute and comfy. :)

    1. Thank you! They are so comfy! Have a great weekend :)