Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Favorites: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

This week felt long - I only actually taught for 2 days, so I can't believe how tired I am! I think I feel more tired anticipating the long weekend ahead... Does that make sense? Canadians have a three day weekend because it's our Thanksgiving! I am so ready for a little down time!
1. Yesterday, there was a retreat for all of the teachers at the school I am students teaching at! We got to go away to the most beautiful resort to participate in some fun team building activities and workshops. The resort was stunning - there were hot tubs, tennis courts, yoga studios and amazing log cabins! Everything was fabulous, but I was most impressed by the wonderful Fall colors! All of the trees were changing colors and it was spectacular! I wish I had taken a few pictures but I was on total unplugged mode!

2. Speaking of Fall colors - I'm headed to Vermont this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving. Totally counter intuitive, I know! I go to the US to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, but it's one of my favorite traditions! I am so excited to see how the trees are changing in Vermont! I love Fall color watching on the drive there! I am also super excited to go to Trader Joe's!
3. A few months ago, I was totally intimidated by lattice pie tops! I've always loved the way they looked, but I always thought they were just too hard to actually make. Guess what!? They're totally not! I started practicing and had a few flops but I have since found success!! I made an apple pie to take to Vermont this weekend and I love the little bit of fancy that a lattice top adds!
4. My kids say the darndest things - for real though! My First Graders crack me up all the time!! I posted about the funny things they say on Wednesday and I got the best response from my real life blog reading friends! I got so much positive feedback - I love being able to share humorous parts of my day with all of you! If you need a good laugh, I highly recommend going to check out that post! You can find it HERE.
5. I feel like I've shared 101 cupcake recipe on my blog, but I don't often talk about what I do with the cupcakes - because I don't ever make cupcakes to just eat by myself! There must be an occasion! :) That being said, if there is the slightest of occasions, I like to dress it up with some fun cupcakes! A friend of mine celebrated her birthday recently and I surprised with some cupcakes! I hid them in the staff room fridge all day and pulled them out at the end of the day! I think all birthdays need to be celebrated with a little cake and I was so excited to send her home with a treat to enjoy with her family! I pick up these boxes from a little local store and the sticker is an Erin Condren one!

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Have a fabulous weekend! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!


  1. That pie looks AMAZING!! You're a rockstar at the lattice pies if I do say so myself! Enjoy your time in Vermont :)

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Kristi! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend :)