Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend, my family went to Vermont to enjoy a little down time, a little shopping and some delicious food! Here is a little look into our weekend!

Our first stop was to Vermont Artisan Coffee bright and early on Saturday morning. This is pretty new to Vermonters and it is so fun - there is a little coffee bar and a barista school all in one place! I don't drink coffee, but I thoroughly enjoyed the view! Can you spot all of the beautiful Fall colors behind the coffee barn?
The Bean has been all about trying Matcha, so she finally got a little Matcha drink. The verdict - she hated it! I think she felt trendy walking around with a Matcha latte in her hand but it really did taste like some odd combination of leaves and hay!

We stopped by the Cabot cheese store. Cabot cheese is local to Vermont and it is so good! This weekend was leaf peeper weekend so it was busy! But on quieter weekends we spend a little more time in the store and enjoy the cheese taste testers.

We stopped in a few little shops around the Cabot store, like Champlain Valley Chocolates and a new little store called Birdfolk Collective - it was so cute!
When in Vermont, Ben & Jerry's is a must, right? Ben & Jerry's ice cream is local to Vermont - we don't get to have it every time we go down,  but every once in a while it is such a fun treat!

And the last little bit of our weekend - the Bean went swimming outside, in October!! I was way too chicken to join in on this crazy adventure but the Bean had a blast! How perfect are those Fall colors in this last picture and how crazy are those girls!? The Bean and her bestie had a blast jumping off the big rock and enjoying the cool water!

Our last exciting stop on our way home was Trader Joe's!! I love Trader Joe's! I will be sharing a little haul of my favorite things from Trader Joe's tomorrow!

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