Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Top 5: Quotes Edition #8

Every 2 months or so, I share five of my favorite quotes. I love scrolling through quotes on Pinterest and I love compiling my favorite here! You can follow me on Pinterest if you are interested in seeing more of my pins, but here is a quick wrap up of my favorite quotes as of lately...

I know this blog has been a whole lot of teacher talk over the last few months, but teaching is what I've been spending the most time doing and this quote resonated with me so much as a teacher! It is hard to be kind all of the time and I am totally guilty of not always choosing kindness. I have really been working on defaulting to kindness and creating a culture of kindness in my classroom.


I mean, I have just been eating up Kelsea Ballerini's new album - I'll share more in a Music for Monday post soon, soon! This song is off of her old album but it is one of my favorites! So really, this is just a recommendation to go listen to some Kelsea Ballerini! ;)

Usually the change of season happens pretty gradually but this year, Summer really did collapse into Fall! All of a sudden, we need jackets and scarves - I am loving every minute of it!

A couple of years ago there was a wicked rain storm as I was leaving school and I was pretty bummed! My shoes were soaked right through, everything in my backpack was soaked - everything was wet and I was freezing, I just wanted to get home! As my bus was pulling away from the stop, I was wallowing in my cold, wet grudge and I noticed a girl outside thrilled to be in the rain! She had her shoes off and she was just letting the rain pour on her with the biggest smile on her face. Her happiness was completely contagious! I almost wanted to join her in her barefoot puddle jumping! 

While I know this quote is speaking metaphorically of people who can smile through difficult things, it reminded me of that cold rainy day in 2015! There is something mysteriously wonderful about people who can smile through rainstorms! 

I've been encouraging 6 year olds to do this for the past three-ish months. When it's indoor recess, we look for good things about staying inside. When they have hard work to do, we discuss what good might come from the hard work. When the Lego center is full during free choice, we talk about great things that could happen in the play doh center... And while I've been doing this with my six year olds, I've realized that I could look for rainbows and stars more often as well! 

I hope these quotes inspire some good in your day!

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