Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Top 5: Christmas Funnies

Christmas has come and gone in a whirlwind of fun and such joy! I hope you all got to celebrate with your favorite people. I am still clutching on to the festivities that will last through this week and the rest that will come before I go back to school! I know that there is still so much fun in store for this holiday break! I have a little bit of Christmas and some delicious recipes to share with you this week, but today, I'm sharing my favorite funny pins from this Christmas!

I wish I didn't find this so funny, but I am so guilty of this! 

This is a commonly accepted fact, right? I love Christmas all year round, but as of November 1st, it is all Christmas all the time for me!
Hahaha - very similar to number two, but how true is this? We were driving home from Christmas dinner last night and my Dad said "What will be in stores tomorrow? The St-Patrick's Day stuff?" I mean, I think the Valentine's Day stuff will be out first but stores always are a couple holidays ahead! I can;t complain because I love celebrating everything - I love all of the decor!
Well first, I love The Fresh Prince of Bel Air but I thought this was too funny! This is exactly how I feel! The house feels naked! We leave a few of the generic winter decor stuff up, but for the most part our house becomes so bare in early January! It loses the Christmas warmth so quickly!
I don't have kids yet, but I got a little taste of this when we were decorating the tree this year! The Bean and I decorated the tree together. Yesterday, my Dad described the bean as a butterfly and that could not be more perfect for her! She just kind of flutters around without a care in the world! So she leaves ornaments on the piano bench, on the couch, on the coffee tables and if they do make it on the tree they all go at eye level! She even stacks several on the same branch! I mean, I know I like things a certain way but I think she was messing with me! One of my New Years Resolutions (or intentions) is to be more free like the Bean!

See you tomorrow!

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