Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Tale of the Bean's Hair

The other day, the Bean cleaned out her room. And I mean, deep clean. Like, get rid of all of the clothes that don't fit and rid of all of the childhood fun. She parted with many of her 'little girl toys' but she refused to part with all of the dolls she learned to braid hair on. As she was reminiscing about her early hair braiding days, I realized that I never practiced on dolls, I practiced on her! I used to make her (bribe her?) sit for so long so I could practice my hair skills. I don't have any pictures of those early days, but I have some from over the years that I thought would be fun to share!

I think this picture is the oldest, she must have been 6 or 7! And I know, it's blurry as can be! I promise it will get better! This one was just too good not to share! I twisted her hair and pinned it down so she had cute little hearts on top of her head for her Valentine's Day party at school! How cute?!
This one is ancient too! We were heading off for Christmas dinner when I snapped this picture! Her hair never held curls well when she was little because it was so darn thick! I would only curl it a couple times a year and she looked so precious in these curls with her snowflake bow.
How fun is this!? And it's easy as can be! I french braided up the back of her head and then split her bun into a little bow.
Gosh this bun was complicated but cute! This one was kind of like a sock bun but I wrapped braids around the sock bun. It looked so big on her little head! She must have been 8 or 9 in this picture.
This was a favorite of hers for a long time! She wore this hairstyle over and over again! It was a little complex but it was so darling that I indulged often! She rocked this hairstyle to the Selena Gomez concert in 2013 and she got so many compliments! It was so so cute!

Then a couple of years ago, the Bean went through a phase where she wanted to cut off all of her hair! Ah! I could have cried! She was getting really tired of her long hair and started talking about donating it! I love that people donate her hair but I was so nervous for her to cut off 8 inches!
One evening, she was just over her long hair and claimed she needed a trim! So guess who cut her hair!? Yes, this girl! I watched a YouTube video (because that makes you qualified, right!?) and gave her a little trim! I was so scared but I think I did an ok job! There is no way I'll be cutting anyone else's hair anytime soon, but it tide the Bean over a little while longer!

My trim only tide her over for so long though! She chopped it all off a little over a year and a half ago! The Bean cut off 8 inches of her hair and she was so excited! I was the one shaking in fear! She was over the moon to lighten up her hair! She was a little bummed with how the ends turned out right after the cut but this picture was taken right after the cut and it fell and looked a little more her in no time!
We had so much fun experimenting with her new hairdo! She rocked some little buns and fun ponytails! This is a bun she wore to dance soon after the cut. I twisted the sides against her head and pinned a little bun together at the base of her head. We stuck her red bow in and called it a day! Obviously I was baking - hence all the baking wear around the kitchen! But the Bean was in her usual state. She comes home from dance only to dance more around the house!

See you tomorrow with a recipe for Gluten Free pizza!

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