Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Favorites: Goodbye February

Hello Friday and Goodbye February! January took forever and a day to go by but February flew right by. This time next week, my family will be headed off on Spring Break! I am so excited to visit our favorite little town in Florida and have a little beach time! Also this time next week, it will be the Bean's birthday! I am so excited to give her the gifts I got her and then celebrate on the Beach! Here are some highlights from this week -

1. First and foremost today, I have to share these beautiful cookies! A family friend of ours has been making seriously fabulous treats for years and I am so excited that she is now selling her cookies! If you are local, you can order cookies and pick them up from Sarah! You can follow her on Instagram HERE. All of her sales and orders happen through Instagram. The pictures above are from her Valentine's sale but stay tuned to her Instagram page for future sales!

2. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's skate on Monday evening (or more like middle of the night) was just breathtaking! I was hoping to embed their free dance right into this post, but I couldn't do it. You can watch their short HERE and their free program HERE. They had an incredible skate on Sunday night with their short program and I was pretty confident they would get gold but I was still so anxious watching their free program! It was such an incredible moment and I am so glad I stayed up to watch it! As much as I get excited every time Canada wins a gold medal; this medal felt so special. They make me so proud to be Canadian.
3. Yesterday, I shared a recipe for these copycat Lärabars. You can find the recipe HERE. If you are whole30 or vegan, I really recommend checking these bars out (and of course, even if you're not vegan or whole30, they are still delicious!). These snack bars only call for 3 ingredients and they come together so easily. My biggest concern in cutting out my food intolerances was snacks - what would I snack on? These make the most perfect snack! They are such an easy grab and go! 

4. I went back and read the posts that I wrote last year when I was away on Spring Break and when I scrolled past these pictures my heart skipped a beat. Every summer, my family goes to the beach in Maine and on Spring Break, we go to the beach in Florida. I have to say, I like different things about each beach. The pictures above are from Florida - I love that the beach we go to in Florida was crystal blue water and white sand. It feels surreal to sit on the beach there. Almost like I'm living in a post card! I will definitely take lots of pictures to share while I am there this year!

5. Have you seen this video from the Holderness Family? It is too funny and way too real! This video accurately wraps up what living with the Bean is like! There's slime everywhere! I think she's slowly growing out of her slime phase but she still pulls it out every once in a while and I always want to cry! I don't like the way it smells, I don't like finding dried up glue in our mixing bowls, I don't like the icky sticky slime. I know I might be able to look back on this phase with fondness one day! If you are lucky enough to live in a slime free house, this video will give you a little taste of what it's like! I wish I could say they were exaggerating! 

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I hope you have a great weekend!

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