Monday, February 12, 2018

Music for Monday: Wait

Happy Monday and welcome back! Last week I was so sick that I didn't listen to music once! I didn't realize how much I missed it until I put my headphones in to write this post. Fun fact - I always listen to the song I'm posting over and over while I'm writing about it! So yes, this is my first time listening to music in almost 1 whole week! Crazy! It's usually a normal part of my everyday.
 Wait - Maroon 5

The Bean came home from Hip Hop a couple of weeks ago and said I had to hear this song. My initial reaction was just meh. I barely even made it through the song, but then it got stuck in my head!! It was in my head all day so I gave in a listened to it again! Since then, it's been all I want to hear! So, if you don't love this on the first listen, I encourage you to give it a minute to grow on you! Maybe you'll end up loving it like me! 

See you tomorrow with a darling Valentine recipe! 

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