Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Party Games: The Game of Phones

Today, I'm sharing a party game. This is something that I started doing very early on with my blog (I think a party game may have even been my first post!). I love planning parties and one of my favorite parts of planning is picking the games! Depending on the theme of the Bean's birthday, I try to plan games that fit the theme. When she had a candy party; it was easy! It was candy everything! This year, she is having a tea party. I don't think games are typically played at traditional tea parties. However, since her friends will be in dresses, I'm trying to plan games that are a little more easy going. You know, no jumping or climbing! This game totally fits the bill. All you need is a list of requirements (I'll detail that below) and a group of guests who all have phones! Here is how you play...

First, ask your guests to grab their sell phones and then gather everyone in one area. I am planning to have all of the girls seated around the table.

We don't typically play games that have a 'winner,' but because this game awards points, there will be a winner. Each requirement on the list below will be worth one point. The guests who can rack up the most points is the winner. We might have a little treat for the winner, but often they just win bragging rights!

Once the guests are all gathered with there phones, tell them that you will read items off a list, if they meet the read requirement, they win that point. Here is the list I will be using at the Bean's party -

You win one point if...
- You text your mom or dad and you receive a reply first
- Your most recent picture is a selfie.
- You have your school's phone number in your contacts.
- You have an emoji in your most recent text
- You have a funny autocorrect in one of your texts.
- You have more than 100 songs in iTunes.
- You have an alarm set.
- Your battery is lower than 50%.
- Your ringtone is a song.
- You've posted on social media today.
 - You don't have any social media on your phone.
- You have headphones with you today.
- Your screen has a crack in it.
- You have a picture of food in your camera roll.
- You post a picture on Instagram right now and you are first to get a like.
- You have more than 5 unread emails in your inbox.
- You can text me Happy Birthday with your eyes closed.

That's it! Once we have gone through all of the categories, we will tally up the points and we may or may not have a winning prize! I find that the best thing about games like this is the reactions - it's so fun to see how the Bean's friends interact as they are playing silly games!

Let me know if you have questions! Tomorrow, I will be back with a yummy dinner recipe!

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