Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Favorites: It's Spring Break!!

Today, is the Bean's birthday and it also marks the beginning of Spring Break for my family! Today is all about celebrating the Bean and tomorrow we hop on a plane to fly south and bask in some sun! I love this time of year. Right after we get home from Spring Break there is always lots of hustle and bustle around here. I am really looking forward to what the upcoming months will bring, but for now, the best things about this week -

1. I ordered these Compliment Cards from Erin Condren and I was so excited to receive them! I got a few included in my planner that I ordered back in July and I used them all up because they're so darn cute! They are the perfect little card to leave as a thank you or quick note. Sometimes I leave a compliment card with a little baked treat and sometimes all on their own. I love them and I can't wait to use these!
2. I often scroll through chalk markers on Amazon and look for them in craft stores, but I was always so discouraged by their price! A couple weeks ago, I found some available for $8 on Zulily! I jumped on that deal and I am so glad I did. I have loved having these, they are much, much easier to write with than chalk. I bought chalk markers made by Kassa and I love that they have both a chisel and bullet point tip! I know I am going to be using these so often in the near future!
3. This is what the Bean is unwrapping from me today. I will share more details about what's inside soon, but I want her to be the first to see her presents. I can tell you two things though - I went way overboard! I started with one little, reasonable gift and then I just kept finding cute things! I mean, what's a girl to do!? And second, there is a major mermaid theme with her gifts this year! The Bean has always loved mermaids and I promise, I started off with one little mermaid gift but as I was browsing through Michael's one Mermaid gift evolved into so much more! How cute are those mermaid tags? I found them for $2! I just had to buy them!

4. And speaking of going overboard at Michael's, I found so many cute things there yesterday! I had to seriously talk myself out of that whiteboard! Isn't it great!? And that world map is so pretty! I have absolutely no use for either of these things, but that's never stopped me before! Ha! I'm kidding! I held back but they're still on my mind! I  loooove browsing through Michaels! I walk up and down all of the aisles every time I'm there just dreaming of the crafts I could do. If I were to get locked in a Michaels over night, I wouldn't even be a little upset!  
5. Wednesday nights are busy in my house, people are in and out and all around. We try to have dinner as a family several nights a week but that almost never happens on a Wednesday! I'm on the ice at 2 different arenas on Wednesday and as I was running out of one arena to the other, I got a text from my mom telling me she had picked up Mandy's for dinner! I had a Mexican salad and it was divine! I know I've talked about Mandy's before, but if you are ever in Montreal, this place is a serious must try!
6. This week I had a real hankering for a tasty snack & since sweet isn't an option right now, I went with salty! I made a single batch of popcorn and then googled some fun popcorn recipes. I ended making ranch popcorn and it was so good! It was so easy to make and such a fun alternative to regular popcorn! I will be sharing the recipe next week.

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