Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Peach Strawberry Smoothie

Hi friends! Last night my crew got the most exciting news! The Bean and I were squealing and jumping around with excitement! And that's all I can say for now (I know! Anticipation! Sorry!). I promise as the situation unfolds further, I will talk about it all! For now I have to keep it hush hush, but I just had to share this initial excitement! I know this very moment is one that I will want to look back on!

Okay on to the recipe for the day! I have been loving this recipe lately! Since cutting sugar, I am all about fruit! This peach strawberry smoothie is one of my favorite treats to have! I love the summer strawberry smoothie at Jugo Juice and I did my best to recreate it with this recipe. I think I got pretty close and the Bean is just as crazy about this smoothie as I am!
It's so easy to put together and it is summertime perfection! This recipe serves two, so you can adjust it accordingly depending on how many people you are serving. Start by putting 6 pieces of frozen peaches in the blender. I use six slices frozen peaches. Depending on how your frozen peaches are sliced, you'll need to fill the blender about half way with frozen peaches.

Then it's strawberries - I add four or five frozen strawberries. We buy full strawberries that are frozen. But, again you'll need to adjust depending on how your frozen strawberries are sliced. It's about half frozen peaches and half frozen strawberries.

Sometimes I add in chia seeds or hemp seeds, so you can add in whatever supplements you like. But you could just as easily just do the frozen fruit and the juice!
Then I add in about 1/2 cup of apple juice and 1/2 cup of cranberry juice. Once the juice is added, I fill the blender the rest of the way with water.
Then, blend everything together until it is well combined. Pour the smoothie into to different cups and it is ready to go! How easy is that?

serves 2

6 sliced frozen peaches
4-5 whole frozen strawberries
~1/2 cup apple juice
~1/2 cup cranberry juice
water (to fill blender)

1. Add the frozen peaches, the frozen strawberries, the apple juice and the cranberry juice to the blender.
2. Fill the blender the rest of the way with water.
3. Blend the smoothie together until it is well combined.
4. Pour the smoothie into two cups and it's ready to go!


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