Monday, June 18, 2018

Music for Monday: Have it All

Every time I sit down to kick off a new week of blogging, I open my planner to see what I have coming up. The first thing that I noticed this week is that I'm counting down to 5 different things coming up this summer - crazy! And with that I should mention that dealing with anticipation is not one of my strengths. I know that once all of the fun starts, the summer will go by so fast so I'm trying to savor every moment while still being so excited for all of the fun that's to come!

I heard this song as I was driving home from dinner with my friends a couple of weeks ago and it was just perfect. I was so tired but I had such a great evening with some great girls and this song was just what I needed to hear. I love Jason Mraz and I love this song. There are so many great lines and I love the message.

Have it All - Jason Mraz
 I was sitting in my car on my way home and I was so captivated by the lyrics in this song - there are so many good ones! And they so perfectly encapsulate genuinely wishing good for people that you love...

"May you have auspiciousness and causes of success. May you have the confidence to always do your best. May you take no effort in your being generous."

"May you know the meaning of the word happiness. May you always lead from the beating in your chest."

"May you have unquestionable health and less stress. Having no possessions though immeasurable wealth." 

So good, right? Last week, I posted about the new Maroon V song and I've pretty much just been going back and forth between that song and this new Jason Mraz one. I can't get enough! I just did a little bit of reading about Jason Mraz (thank you, Wikipedia!) and found out that he owns an avocado farm! How cool is that? 

I hope your Monday is full of happy!


  1. I want to hear more about the five exciting summer things you're looking forward to! :)

    1. Two of the things I have to keep on the down low for now (but I will post about them eventually). Otherwise, I'm counting down to my friend getting home from her exchange, my birthday and summer vacation! I should add Carly's wedding too - so exciting! Thank you for reading, Andrew! See you soon :)