Thursday, July 5, 2018

Molly's Best Gluten Free Granola

Today's post is all about a fabulous gluten free granola called Molly's Best! This company is owned by Harvey, who has been in yoga class with my family for several years. Harvey started Molly's Best wanting to provide a nutritious, natural and delicious snack and he named the company after his granddaughter! I love that this granola uses natural sugar as a sweetner (honey!), I love that the ingredients and straight forward but I especially love that this granola is gluten free! Gluten free snacks are difficult to find (especially good ones) and this granola is SO good!

A little while ago, Harvey was giving out some bags of Molly's Best Granola after yoga class and he gave a couple bags to my Mom and I. We got to the car, tore open the granola and tried it right away! We were so impressed! It was tasty and it made the most perfect snack after yoga! I went to yoga the next week and asked Harvey if I can talk about Molly's Best on my blog. He was so gracious and even offered me more bags of granola to share with some of my readers!

I was so excited to share Molly's Best with some fellow gluten free eaters, friends and loyal blog readers! I shared the Molly's Best granola with my Auntie Norma, my cousin Andrew, my family friend Sarah and my friend Katya! I asked them to try the granola and let me know what they thought! I was so excited to receive the reviews and I can't wait to share them with you today!

Molly's Best Granola comes in 2 flavors - Cacao & Coconut & Cinnamon & Vanilla. The flavors are sold separately and they ship to both Cananda and the USA. You can browse around the website HERE to learn more about this fun company!

Review #1
My Aunt Norma shared the granola with my cousin Matéas and they both had such great things to say! They both liked both flavors but preferred the chocolate-coconut. My aunt Norma loved the granola as a topping for her yogurt and cottage cheese. Matéas ate the granola with cereal and by itself. He said that he preferred the granola when used as a topping. He loved the taste of the granola but found it easier to eat as a topping. Neither Norma or Matéas are gluten free, but they both said they couldn't tell the granola was gluten free!

Review #2
I sent my cousin, Andrew some Molly's Best granola and the review he had for me honestly blew me away! He took this granola tasting very seriously and I think he has a promising future as a food critic! I loved reading the review he sent me! This is Andrew's review:

I always prefer anything chocolate, so naturally I thought this would be my favourite of the two flavours! I opened the package and smelled it first, and I got a delicious scent of chocolate and vanilla. The taste is a great balance of sweet and subtle saltiness with nuts and chocolate mixed in – really tasty! 

Normally I don’t really like cinnamon flavoured things, but surprisingly this wins as my favourite. My first thought when I tasted it was Cinnabon (…but MUCH healthier)! It has the same kind of nutty-vanilla flavour as the other flavour, but with a hint of cinnamon. 

Andrew enjoyed Molly's best granola with yogurt, ice cream and as a garnish on a crunch cake (so creative!).

Review #3
Sarah tried the Molly's Best Granola when she was out running errands and thought it made a great on the go snack! She said it tasted great and tied her over until she was able to get home and have lunch. Sarah especially loves that Molly's Best granola is gluten free and non-GMO but still delicious!
Review #4
And last but not least, as I was on my way to work one day (I work int he coldest arena ever!), I texted my friend Katya and asked if she would try some granola for me. I grabbed a bag of granola, tossed it in my skate bag and brought it to her. And I have to say, that is what I love most about Molly's Best - it is so easy to grab and go! Katya ate the granola for breakfast with yogurt, blueberries and maple syrup (doesn't that sound delicious!?) and she loved it! She sent me snapchats when she had it and I loved seeing how she was eating it!
I loved sharing this fun treat with some of my favorite people and I was especially impressed to see the creativity! It was so interesting to hear how the granola was eaten - I never knew granola could be so versatile! Most of all, I loved treating these friends of mine to a delicious treat! Thank you so much to Harvey from Molly's Best for sharing some of his products with me!

If you are interested in learning more about Molly's Best...
you can visit the webiste HERE
you can place an order HERE
you can follow Molly's Best on Instagram HERE
or you can follow Molly's Best on Facebook HERE

See you tomorrow!

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