Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Top 5 TV Shows Edition #2

Almost 2 years ago, I shared my top 5 favorite TV shows, but a lot has changed since then! I think the most notable is change is we have Netflix now. It took us a minute to hop on the Netflix train, mostly because we just aren't big TV watchers in my house. I should say, we weren't big TV watchers before Netflix, but since Netflix, we sit down in front of the TV much more often! I figured it was about time I update that old list given the shows I have found and loved through Netflix!

1 - Gilmore Girls
This is the show that started me down the rabbit hole! I started Gilmore Girls on my own last Christmas and then watched the whole series through a second time with my family! There were definitely good and bad parts to this show but overall, I loved it! I love Stars Hallow, I love Rory (and so many other characters!) and I just loved the familiarity of this story line. I could sit down with a warm mug of tea and a cozy blanket to watch Gilmore Girls any day! This show was just that - cozy! 

We actually watched this series through on DVD before we had Netflix, but we bit the bullet and got Netflix to watch the revival. I liked the original show much better than the revival, but it was so fun to see the revival. It felt a little like going home or re-encountering familiarity after a long time away.

2 - New Girl
My friend, Hannah had been asking me to watch New Girl for years but I could never get into it. I watched a few episodes as it aired live on TV and thought it was just okay. This was the second show my family tackled on Netflix and while it is a little bit of a slow start is ends up being SO funny! Those middle seasons (2/3/4) were our favorite! So many moments on this show cracked us up and we still quote the show often! New Girl is full of some pretty epic one liners! 

We recorded the 7th season that just aired on TV and were all kind of underwhelmed. While most of this show is entertaining, that last season kind of fell flat in our opinion. Still so worth the watch, especially because you get so attached to the characters!

3 - Jane the Virgin
Someone recommended Jane the Virgin to my mom, so this is our current undertaking. We are about halfway through season 2 and we are loving every minute of it! That being said, this show is definitely more serious that our first two shows! So much happens in just one episode and the are so many twists and turns! It really is a roller coaster of a show! Often, we have to pause the episode just to have a little chat about what has been going on. We have family discussion mid-episode to try putting puzzle pieces together!

This show is a little harder to follow - this isn't the kind of show where you can miss one episode and catch up with a quick recap! That being said, it is so enjoyable! There are great comedic moments that are well balanced with more serious or thought provoking elements.

4 - Gossip Girl
 Okay, these next two shows are complete guilty pleasures! Gossip Girl is another recommendation from my girl Hannah and at first I thought it was a little much. Still if I think about, it's a lot! I started watching this show with Hannah last summer and never went back to it until this summer. After the first episode, I found the story line too much to follow. But once I got further into it, I got sucked in!

I'm getting to the end of season 2 now, and still there are moments where I think the show is too much! The main characters haven't even graduated from high school and they get into some pretty scary/serious/adult-like stuff! Gossip Girl, though challenging in some ways offers some pretty intriguing plot lines that keep me coming back for more!

5 - Riverdale
Another guilty pleasure! I actually started Riverdale because all of the girls at the Bean's birthday party were watching it and I was curious. Much like Gossip Girl, I just can't quit the story line of this show - the mystery element is so intriguing! BUT! The gory parts make my stomach turn. I end up fast forwarding through parts of almost every episode because there is just too much blood and guts! 

Like I said about Gossip Girl, these kids are in high school - ah! That is so young to be experiencing these very heavy and adult-like issues! I get that we are all exposed to different parts of life at different times, but this show puts a lot on some young high schoolers! I think if the charaters of this show were just a little bit older it might be less worrisome! 

I made a chocolate pudding pie on Monday (doesn't that sound pretty epic?) and I was so impressed with the results! The recipe is so simple - seriously, there are 7 ingredients! And guess what!? It's totally allergen safe! It free from gluten, dairy, eggs and refined sugar and it's totally delicious! I can't wait to share the recipe with you tomorrow :)

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