Thursday, August 9, 2018

What I'm Diffusing - Summer Edition

Before leaving on a vacation, I was talking to one of my friends about diffusing essential oils and it was so fun to share what we were diffusing! I thought it might make a great blog post, so that's what I'm doing today! I have a super sensitive sense of smell so I didn't actually think I would like diffusing, but I love it! Like most things, I stick to what I know and continuously return to old favorites. I don't know a ton about diffusing essential oils, but I will share little bits about what I've researched as well as what I've been diffusing this summer.
This is by far my favorite thing about my diffuser - it lights up different colors! Fun, right? I leave my diffuser running during the night but I do turn the light off before going to sleep. When I'm working in my room, I like to have the light on, but I always turn it off at night. Ok, onto the essential oils that I'm diffusing!

Geranium Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil is one that I try to diffuse a lot because I love its benefits. My favorite things about geranium oil is that it helps to reduce inflammation, to balance hormones and to reduce anxiety. So, some oils I diffuse because I love the smell and while the smell of geranium is good, I definitely diffuse it because of the benefits! Because I find the smell of geranium on its own just okay, I always diffuse it with...
Lime Essential Oil
Lime essential oil! I love mixing geranium and lime! The smell is summer-y and light. It's the perfect balance of floral and citrus. Most often during the day, I diffuse lime and geranium. I don't think lime essential oil has any ground breaking benefits, this is definitely one that I use just for the smell.

Lavender Essential Oil
During the day, I diffuse geranium and lime but at night, it's lavender all the way! Diffusing lavender is great for stress reduction, supporting brain function, relieving pain and improving sleep. Yes please! And while I love lavender all on its own, I usually mix it with...

Frankincense Essential Oil
I always pair frankincense with lavender at night time. Much like my use of geranium essential oil, I use frankincense because of its benefits more so than the smell. The list of benefits for this essential oil is so long! Frankincense seems to be a powerhouse essential oil as it helps to reduce stress, boost your immune system, support your memory, balance your hormones, support sleep and reduce information. And there are more! Crazy! So while the smell of frankincense isn't my favorite the benefits are so worth it! And mixed with lavender makes a perfect night time combo! 

Grapefruit Essential Oil
The last essential oil I'm going to talk about today is grapefruit! I use grapefruit essential oil for one purpose - to reduce cravings! And it works so well! Especially when I first eliminated gluten, dairy, sugar... I was craving it all! I would have eaten anything! I read that smelling grapefruit essential oils curbs craving and maybe it's the power of suggestion, but I find it works so well! And I love the smell - it's perfect for summer! 

I'm already looking forward to another one of these posts in the Fall! I've been scrolling through Pinterest looking for Fall and Christmas diffuser blends. As if I didn't already love Fall & Christmas enough, now I love them even more! I would also love to hear your favorite essential oils to diffuse! If you have any suggestions for me, please share! 

Thank you for reading!

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