Monday, May 6, 2019

Music for Monday: More Dermot Kennedy!

I know I posted a Dermot Kennedy song just last week, but I couldn't wait to share more. I have pretty much only been listening to Dermot Kennedy this week. I just checked our Spotify stats and so far, Dermot Kennedy is our most played artist in 2019. I wouldn't be surprised if our stats stay that way until we ring in the new year - I listen to that much Dermot Kennedy. Last week, I talked about his song 'Lost' and I still love that one but I thought I would share a couple more that I have since discovered.

Power Over Me - Dermot Kennedy
For Island Fires & Family - Dermot Kennedy
Young & Free - Dermot Kennedy

So good, right? I'm obsessed! I seriously put his songs on repeat when I'm cooking and just listen to them over and over again. I can't get enough!

See you tomorrow!

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