Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Party Games: The Lap Game

This is my very favorite party game. It is easy to set up and so fun to play!

You'll need:
-enough chairs for every child at the party
-a list of statements for the animator to read. You can find my list here!

When you are ready to play the game, ask the kids to each sit in a chair (make sure there are no empty chairs!). When all of the kids are seated, the animator should explain that they he/she read a list of statements, and the kids who the statements is true for will move one seat to the left.

the animator reads: "move one seat to the left if you are wearing socks"
The green check marks represent children that are wearing socks and the red exes represent children that are not wearing socks. The kids that are green checks (they are wearing socks) will move one seat to the left and as a result some of the kids who are not wearing socks will end up with another party guest on their lap. I have prepared a list of statements that I have used at parties, you can find that printable here! 

This is a great get to know you game that is guaranteed to get quite a few laughs!

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