Thursday, February 2, 2017

Smooches Y'all

The Bean loves saying 'smooches' - if she's leaving a room she says 'smooches', if you help her with something, she says 'smooches.' So, apparently it's synonymous with many words, and I'm hoping it's a phase because it's not my favorite word. But until the phase is over, I figured I might as well have a little fun with it too!

I spotted a similar shirt as I was scrolling though Pinterest and I thought 'Hey! I can do that with my cricut!!' So I picked up a grey t-shirt from Michaels and used a burgundy iron-on vinyl that I already had. I programmed my cricut to cut out the letters and the lips and then let it work its magic! Once my cricut cut everything out, I ironed it onto the shirt and it looks so cute! The Bean has loved wearing it, but she is especially looking forward to wearing it on Valentine's day!

I have been doing work with my cricut a little more consistently recently - making shirts for my family to wear on vacation, making sister shirts for the Bean and I, making a cute shirt for me to wear at the beach... I will share these as they are finalized and I will do my best to share a little more of the step by step process. Do any of you craft with cricut die cutters? Do you have any ideas for me? I would love to here them!

Have a great day!

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