Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites: Happy St-Patrick's Day!!

Happy Friday & Happy St-Patrick's day!! I have all kinds of fun things with you to share with you from this week! Let's get started!

 1. Holy snow!! We got hit with a big storm on Tuesday! Everything shut down on Wednesday and it was so fun to see everything covered in snow! I mean, it was messy but so much fun!! As much as I love snow, I am so ready for spring! I took out my spring jacket last week but I had to stash it away again! Hopefully I can take it out again within the next few weeks!

That first picture is a of a car completely buried in snow! The car would have been completely covered if it weren't for the little side mirror sticking out! Then the video is when my car was parked under a bridge - you can see the wind and snow blowing!! It was insane!
2. My dog, Finn went to the groomers last weekend and they sent him home in the cutest scarf! It has little shamrocks all over it and I love it sooo much!

3. I am going to a St-Patrick's day party this Saturday and I'm going to make some desserts for the party. I have my go-to cupcake recipe planned, and I was hoping to make some shamrock shaped sugar cookies to go with the cupcakes. BUT I haven't been able to find a shamrock cookie cutter anywhere!! I couldn't find any St-Patrick's themed cookie cutters!! Is this normal!? Do any of you have suggestions for finding St-Patrick's day cookie cutters?

4. For the party this weekend I am making my family shirts on my cricut! I picked up some green shirts at a local Michael's and I am so excited to put some fun expressions on them! They are not done yet, but I will be sure to share them next week!

5. I made an apple crumble cheesecake last weekend to celebrate the Bean's birthday and it was delicious! If you are looking for a fun and relatively easy dessert to make, I recommend this one - so good!! You can find the recipe HERE.
6. I also shared a recipe for Beef stew this week. I made this when we got snowed in and it was perfect for a cold, snowy evening!! You can find the recipe for this HERE.

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I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. We got hit with the snow on Tuesday as well! That stew looks perfect for a cold, snowy day. Made in the slow cooker, is even better! And that cheesecake?! Yum! Your dog is so cute. Love his shamrock scarf. I'd say Michaels probably had shamrock cookie cutters around Valentine's Day. I went into Walmart yesterday and they had Easter stuff out. Have a great weekend! Stopping by from H54F!

    1. Easter already!? I must have been too late to get St-Patrick's day stuff! I'll have too look around earlier next year! Thank you for the suggestion! Have a great weekend!

      K :)