Thursday, March 9, 2017

Top Five: International Women's Day

Yesterday, was International Women's Day and I saw so many great tributes to wonderful women. Today, I'm sharing my favorite quotes/videos/pictures that I saw yesterday, because I love being a woman and I love encouraging strong women!
1. First of all, this famous statue of a bull in Lower Manhattan got the most perfect addition on Tuesday night! There is now a little girl standing in front of the bull and staring it down! The little girl was sculpted by Kristen Visbal and she looks wonderfully fearless and powerful! I am so excited about this piece of art!

 2. And these quotes - I love Pinterest quotes everyday! But, Pinterest was full of great quotes about women yesterday!
3. Misty Copeland is one of my favorite women! She is a stunning ballerina and I love that she encourages strength in other women! In this video she addresses the changes she's seen in ballet and the changes she hopes to see in the future of ballet. So good!
4. This video is FULL of the most beautiful and inspiring women! It's a quick watch but it is so inspiring!
5. i have shared this video before, but I thought it was fitting for yesterday! Like the video above, it is also full of some pretty incredible women! And my favorite line in the video will always be 'because duh' I love it!!

Thank you for reading!!

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