Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This first week back after spring break kicked my hiney! I'm missing the beach big time but as always I'm linking up to share my favorite things from this week with all of you!

1. I carried my Paco+Lupe beach bag all week in Florida! I threw it in my carry on at the last minute, and I'm so glad I did! There is no other bag I would rather tote books and towels around in! The beach bag that I have is unfortunately no longer being sold, but I also have a great cross body bag that is still available! 

There are so many stunning bags and clutches! If you are interested, you can find Paco+Lupe on Etsy HERE or you can visit the website HERE!
2. This week I shared a recipe for Spinach and Bacon Quiche and I am already making plans for more! I'll document my quiche experiments - so far I stuck to the basics and was so excited to find how easy and delicious they are!! You can find the recipe I used HERE.
3, Yesterday, I talked about the little girl that was added to this charging bull Statue in Lower Manhattan in honor of International Women's Day! Have you guys heard about this!? I'm so excited they chose a tiny girl to stare down this bull! I hope there are many girls inspired by the huge amounts of moxie and fierceness in this little girl!
4. Have you heard of the game Spot it? It's a little tin can of cards that have several different games that go along with the cards. The game is compact so it is so easy to travel with - my family often plays on planes or in the car because it is so easy to set up and clean up! This game has been my favorite after dinner game lately!

5. The Bean's birthday party is quickly approaching and I am getting excited to animate my very favorite party games! We're playing the lap game, the blindfolded treasure hunt, the newspaper fashion show and so many more! You can find many Party Games documented on my blog - they are all so fun and they work well to fill a party with structured time!

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  1. We love quiche and it's so easy to make! I keep frozen pie crusts in the freezer so whenever we have a bunch of leftover ingredients we just throw them together to make a quiche. We have the regular size Spot It board game that we love playing. It's so fast-paced but a game that even the kids can play. Have a great weekend! Stopping by from H54F!

    1. Keeping frozen pie crusts is such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. That quiche looks amazing! Although I'm terrible at making pie crusts... Any tips??

    Sarah //

    1. Thank you Sarah! And that is a great question! I may not be the best person to answer - I feel like my baking abilities are more so luck than knowledge! But I'll do my best! I use America's Test Kitchen's recipe for pie crust and I would recommend... 1. pressing the butter & shortening in with a fork. 2. being careful not to over mix your dough once all of your ingredients are combined and 3. once the pie crust is rolled out, rolling it around a rolling pin to transfer it to the pie plate. You can check you this post for a little more detail:

      Hope this helps!
      K :)