Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter Decor

Easter is quickly approaching & it kind of took me by surprise! I don't love that Easter moves around from year to year. I think that might be why I get all mixed up! My family has slowly but surely been transitioning from our winter decor to our Easter/Spring decor. We leave some red and white pillows on our couch all through Christmas and Valentine's Day and in the Spring we switch them out for some light blue and green pillows with some birds on them. We keep the rest of the decor to a minimum but this is what we have up...

This cute little bunny banner hangs in our kitchen window. I made it last season with my cricut, some scrapbook paper and big pom poms!

We have bunny runner just like our bunny banner! We picked up this runner from Target over spring break - it's a plain white runner with little pink bunnies and pom poms on their hineys! So cute!

These sequined eggs sit in a glass jar on our island. We made these last year as kind of an ongoing art project. I think they took us about a month to finish. We ordered styrofoam eggs off Amazon, and bought some sequins and little pins from a local craft store. We pushed each sequin in using a pin until the egg was covered - it was long but they're pretty stunning!
This little sign hangs on our mudroom door - I think we found it at Michael's.

Remember when I changed this chalkboard for Valentine's Day, I said it would be a miracle if I got it changed before July!? Well, miracle of miracles! I changed it this week!! I didn't miss a holiday and I actually changed it before a holiday! Wahoo!! I already love the inside of this cupboard door and I love it even more when it has a sweet seasonal saying on it!

That's it! We are pretty conservative around here with Easter decor, but I love the little touches!

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