Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites: Food, Food, Food & Sara Bareilles!

It's Friday & as usually I'm linking up to share my favorite things from this week! This week is all about food around here! There was some great stuff in my kitchen! And I figured this was fitting given the name of my blog :)
1. This is a recipe I shared a long time ago, but it is still one of my favorites! It's a roasted red pepper & pesto sauce that comes together so easily in the food processor and it is so tasty! I use the sauce with penne pasta, but you could use any pasta you love! You can find the recipe HERE. My family had this for dinner on Wednesday evening - so good!!

2. After dinner on Wednesday, I had a serious hankering for lemon poppy seed muffins! I haven't had a lemon poppy seed muffin in a long time so I don't know where the craving came from!! It was so late when I decided to make these but it was so worth it! I had these for snack yesterday and I packed another one for my snack today! I'll be sure to share the recipe soon!!

3. On Sunday, the Bean and I made homemade pasta and it was so much fun!! Long, but fun! We were able to make enough ravioli for two dinners - so we filled half with butternut squash and Mozzarella and the other half with Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan and Gouda. We enjoyed the squash ravioli for dinner that night and put the 4 cheese ravioli in the freezer to have at a later date. The end result is so delicious! My family all agreed that we notice a huge difference between store bought pasta and homemade pasta! I'll blog all about my pasta making process next week!
4. Because it's my last week of classes, I made some cookies to treat some of my favorite teachers with. I was leaning towards making plain old chocolate chip cookies but my mom suggested I try an orange-chocolate combo in a cookie! Orange and Chocolate is one of my favorite combinations and I was so excited about these cookies! They're orange shortbread like cookies dipped in chocolate and they turned out delicious! I packaged these up with a little orange ribbon and I am so excited to hand them out! I'll share the recipe next week!

5. I've reeled in my Gilmore Girls crazy over the past little while, but don't be fooled! I am still crazy about that show! Sitting down to watch an episode is my favorite way to end a day! I finished season 5 on Wednesday night and just about lost my mind! I mean, what in the world happened!? I started season 6 last night so I'm getting close to the end! I'm excited to see how it all ends but kind of dreading it being over!

6. It's no secret that I love Sara Bareilles - I've gushed about her many times! Well, it was recently announced that she would be taking on the role of Jenna in the Broadway musical The Waitress (which she wrote all of the music for). I watch Sara Bareilles' tour dates like a hawk in case she ever tours anywhere remotely close to me. Unfortunately, she really doesn't tour much but I am so excited about the possibility of seeing her on Broadway!! My family is trying so hard to organize a trip and get tickets to this show!!

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I hope your weekend is so full of good things!


  1. Kenzie, all these pictures of pasta and ravioli are making me HUNGRY!! Haha! It's close to 5:00 in Austin, and I'm starting to think about dinner. I need to try that pesto recipe! I'm a fan of easy-peasy recipes for sure.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, girl!

    1. Thank you so much, Kelsey!! I so wish I could express mail you some of the pasta because it was so good!! I hope you get to try the pesto recipe soon!!