Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Today, Connected in the Kitchen is one!

Last March, I was in Vermont with my family and my sweet friend, Hannah just could not believe that I didn't have a Google account. So, we sat down at the computer and made one for me. I slowly started using Google docs and Drive and now I wonder how I ever functioned without a Google account! As I was slowly becoming more comfortable with all things Google, I noticed the little 'blogger' icon in the options on my Google homepage. So I clicked on it and all of a sudden, I was starting a blog!

I don't know how most people go about starting a blog, but I did not take any time to plan or think (which are two of my favorite things), I just started creating a blog! I spent about a half hour trying different names out and ended up with Connected in the Kitchen. I liked the alliteration (especially because I could say I'm Kenzie from Connected in the Kitchen!) and I liked that I was emphasizing connection and the kitchen.

So, it was a random Tuesday afternoon and I published Connected in the Kitchen to go public with no posts in mind and no plan for the future of this blog. I made a list of things that I am good at and confident sharing my knowledge about with others (oddly enough very few of those recipes and ideas have actually made it on the blog!). Then, I sat down to write my first post - one of my favorite go-to party games So You Think You Can Dance. You can read my first post HERE.

At first, I thought I'll post every week day for a whole month and if I hate it, I'll stop and delete my blog. Well after one month, I didn't hate it! Everything was going ok! So I committed to blogging for the whole summer and by the time I had to go back to school, I couldn't imagine not blogging. So, my current plan is to continue blogging every week day as long as it is something that I love to do. As soon as I feel overwhelmed or not excited about posting, I'll stop!

I don't see Connected in the Kitchen shutting down any time soon, because after a year of interacting with this blog daily, it feels like a piece of me! I love having a record of the things that I do throughout the year. Like, picking out a Christmas tree, going sugaring off, the songs I'm loving, getting my wisdom teeth taken out...  I love looking back through these posts and noticing how I've changed over the year!

It has been difficult for me to find a balance between sharing enough so readers feel like they are getting to know me but also keeping personal information personal. I think I am still working on this balance. As I was contemplating this balance the other day, I realized that I never formally introduced myself. I've been the girl behind the blog all year long and I've shared little bits along the way, but here is the introduction that I probably should have started with a year ago :)

My name is Kenzie! I'm 20 years old (turning 21 in July!). I'm a full time student, studying to become an elementary school teacher. I love working with kids - I've been a skating coach for 8 years and I've run my own skating program for almost 4 years. I am a figure skater - not a serious one, but I love it! I love the challenges I am presented with through skating and I love the strength that I have found through rising up to those challenges. I sometimes sit down at the piano to play some Disney music - I used to take lessons, but now it's just one of my favorite ways to clear my mind. I love to celebrate any holiday but Christmas is my all-time favorite - I listen to Christmas music all year long!

I love to bake! I've always loved helping out in the kitchen, but I really started taking baking seriously on my own within the last five/six years. I had my fair share of mishaps at first, I usually made a great big mess and the end result wasn't always delicious! With time and perseverance, I've mastered the art of making minimal dishes and creating treats that (usually) look great and taste even better! Cooking took longer for me to get into and I struggled to make good food at first (I made a few terrible stir fries!!) but with Pinterest by my side I've grown to love cooking too!

I live at home, with my mom - the original foodie in my house. I've stirred many banana breads for her and I always got to play with her left over pie crust! My dad - also a great cook! He makes General Tso Tofu that is to die for and he is the king of Wacky Mac (this is what my crew calls Macaroni and Cheese). And last but certainly not least, my little sister (more commonly referred to as The Bean). She is the party in our house! She brings the fun everywhere we go and she can hold her own in the kitchen!

I'm so excited about how this blog will develop overtime! Thank you so much for stopping by and celebrating 1 year with me! As usual, if you have anything to share with me please don't hesitate to leave me a comment or send me an email!

See you tomorrow!

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