Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Make & Take: a teacher gift

I mentioned in a couple of recent blog posts that I just finished up a teaching internship! I was in a second grade classroom with the sweetest kids and a wonderful cooperating teacher! As my internship was coming to an end, I started looking through Pinterest for gift ideas for my students and for my cooperating teacher! I'll talk all about what I did for the kids next week, but for now, I'm talking about what I made for my cooperating teacher!
I planted a little cyclamen plant in a clay pot. The watering situation with a cyclamen is complicated! It seemed liked there were some capillary tubes under the plant where the water went and the tubes connected up into the soil for the plant. I don't know how to explain what was going on. But, I put the little triangular watering thing at the bottom of the clay pot, secured it in with little rocks then put the potted cyclamen plant on top of the watering devices and secured it in with more rocks.
I cut out a piece of chalkboard vinyl and stuck it around the clay pot. Once the chalkboard vinyl was stuck down, I used a chalkboard marker to write 'Thank you for helping me grow' on the pot.
Re-planting the cyclamen into the clay pot was a bit of a challenge, but otherwise this gift was so easy to put together and it was so well received! 

Tomorrow is my one year 'bloggaversary' as I like to call it! If the weather cooperates, I'll be taking some fun pictures today to accompany that post! See you tomorrow!

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