Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites: 2 weeks 'til the beach!!

These summer days are so much fun. Today, I'm sharing the best things about this first week of July - Enjoy!

1. I made some delicious salads this weeks - on Wednesday night, my family had an Apple, Cranberry and Walnut salad for dinner (you can find the recipe HERE).

2. And last night, I made a strawberry & cashew quinoa salad to go with Italian sausages. The recipe for this salad will be up next week! I love having salads during the summer and I especially love having fruit salads! This particular salad mixes strawberry and nectarine with red pepper and green onion - I love the contrasting flavors!

3. I started taking a couple of dance classes this week and oh my goodness, I'm so sore!! A local studio is offering drop in classes and The Bean and I have been able to go together! This week, we did a hip hop class and a Broadway jazz class. I'm used to training in skating but this is such different movement and it's been so challenging for me! It has been so much fun to have a sister activity during the week!

4. Speaking of dancing... this has been the summer of trying/learning new things! I'm the type of person that would rather not try something new if I know I'm not going to be good at it. I've always been very confident within my abilities and I like to stay in my comfort zone (this might be obvious with the types of recipes I choose!). I must have been bitten by a bravery bug because this summer I'm taking dance classes (and I'm just embracing my abilities - or lack there of!) and I've learned how to drive a standard car (this was a major struggle at first but I finally have the hang of it!). Have you tried anything new lately!?
5. In just 2 short weeks, my family is heading to one of my favorite places in the world - the beach! I am so excited to be back by the waves and I am so excited to wear my "the ocean made me salty" shirt!

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  1. Salads are the so wonderful in the summer, or for us in Florida- year round! Have a great time at the Beach and Happy Friday!

    1. I love Florida weather & I'm so jealous that you get to have fun, fruity salads year round!! Thanks for reading, Anne-Marie!!

  2. Oh my, can't wait for the strawberry and quinoa salad recipe, sounds wonderful! Yay for the beach!!

    1. It will be up on Thursday!! I'm excited to share - it's one of my very favorites! Have a great weekend!