Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Latest Cricut Projects

The Bean has been scoring big time with all of the cricut crafting I've been doing lately! She requested a shirt that said 'Killin' It' and I said 'huh?' I was confused! She said the shirt needs to be black with an outlined white rectangle with Killin' It written inside. I just followed her careful instructions and the shirt turned out so cute! It came together so easily - I picked up a black shirt from Michael's and used some white vinyl that I already had!

I mean, how stylish is she? She rolls the sleeves over twice and it is just to cute!

The other little t-shirt project I have been working on is some matching vacation tees for the Bean and I. I saw the idea on Pinterest and I new I had to make them! Our shirts say 'Vacay Mode' but the 'o' in mode is a Pineapple!!
We have plans to cut off the sleeves and cut out the neck a little to make it more of a tank top to wear over our bathing suits at the beach this summer.These turned out really cute and I am so excited to sport some Pineapples at the beach this summer! I will be sure to take pictures of the final product and update you!

Have a great Thursday!

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