Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Eclipse of 2017

Yesterday, there was an eclipse and I was pretty psyched to see how the eclipse would play out! I had been hearing so much hype and excitement about the whole situation - we had a partial solar eclipse in Montreal, so it didn't get completely dark but it was still pretty cool! We made a pin hole camera to watch the eclipse. Actually, I was making homemade pasta, my mom made a pin whole camera :) Here is how we watched the eclipse of 2017 (and a little tutorial for the pin hole camera)...

First, cut a rectangle out of a piece of cardstock.
Then, cover the cut out rectangle with a piece of tinfoil. Secure the tinfoil to the cardstock with scotch tape.
Finally, use a toothpick to poke a hole through the piece of tinfoil.
Then, set up a white piece of paper or cardboard on the ground and allow the sun to shine through the hole in the tinfoil and cast a shadow on the ground. Keep your back to the sun while you are doing this as it is not safe to look at the sun during a solar eclipse!

We first set up our piece of cardboard on the ground, but ended up moving it onto to our little propane fire pit to get a better shadow.

The eclipse is more clear in the top picture - that little crescent is the part of the sun that is not being shaded by the moon. It didn't get that dark outside - I was expecting it to be daylight one minute and then pitch black the next. That statement might be very revealing in regards to how little I actually know about eclipses! I've heard that in 7 years there will be a total eclipse in visible in Montreal! I wonder if I will still be blogging then... If I am, I will share lots about that one too!

I have so many fun recipes to share over the next few days! I can't wait to share them all!!

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