Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When the power goes out

Yesterday, I sat down to write a fun blog post for today but it started storming like crazy and the power went out! I was planning on sharing my pesto recipe but I didn't get to write 2 words before the power went out - ugh! And then it stayed out for 9 hours!! All that to say, I am not sharing a pesto recipe today, instead I'm talking about our power outage entertainment! The pesto recipe will be up tomorrow!

The power went out at 2:59pm and it took The Bean about 0.2 seconds to tell me she was bored! She had just sat down to watch some Fresh Prince of Bel Air and everything went off. It took her a minute but she got into my no power entertainment! I'm definitely not as entertaining as Will Smith but I have my moments ;)

We started by painting our nails - there's nothing like a fresh manicure to brighten up a powerless afternoon! I painted my toes 'Lilacism' by ESSIE and the Bean went with 'Buy Me a Cameo' on her fingers!
 'Buy me a Cameo' ESSIE
'Lilacism' ESSIE

After painting our nails we let them dry while we listened to some music. Our big speaker runs for 50 hours after being fully charged - I was pretty pumped that we could still play music!! When our nails were dry, we played pictionary! I don't know if the Bean has ever played pictionary before but she was cracking me up!!

I cut up a blank sheet of paper into 20 small pieces and wrote out some little prompts for us to draw - the Bean realized what I was doing and said "Hey! That's not fair! You'll have an advantage because you know all the words!" I offered to split the papers so that we each write 10 and she said "No, I actually don't care and I don't feel like writing a bunch of words." Hahaha! That is so typical Bean!

I love reading about birth order and I read once that the first born is more likely to be a planner. If there were to be a sibling road trip, the first born would be the one printing the maps, writing the packing lists, booking hotels, making playlists for the drive, planning pit stops... (so me!). And the last born is just going to hop in the car and enjoy the ride (this is exactly what the Bean does!). This road trip analogy really made me laugh because the Bean really does just hop in! Not just on road trips but everywhere else in life - she is definitely more easy going than I am! She has forgotten shoes on a family trip (I mean, she didn't pack any and there were none on her feet when she got in the car!) and she just didn't see the problem with the whole situation! She is the life of the party, shoes or not!

The Bean first pulled 'Channing Tatum.' Her drawing cracked me up! I definitely had an advantage because I wrote all of the cards, but I think the advantage was taken away with the crazy drawings she had going on!! I loved her 'She's the Man' reference!!
I pulled 'Winter.' The Bean thought my drawing was hilarious and she kept insisting that I was drawing the circle of life :)
The Bean pulled 'concert' and drew this hot mess which confirmed that I had no advantage at all!
I pulled 'french braid' and the Bean guessed it so quickly! I finished up my drawing for the picture, but I had just drawn a circle with a few lines through it when the Bean yelled 'a french braid!' I asked her how she knew so quickly and she said 'well, it was that or a potato.'
The Bean pulled 'pajamas' and the timer ran out before I could figure out what on earth she was drawing! I thought she was drawing a camo suit!
I drew a swimming pool and the Bean was thoroughly unimpressed with how lifeless my pool was!
The Bean picked 'Beauty and the Beast' and I thought she was drawing an angel and a devil or a cemetery until she added those little tears in the front row! She cried all the way through the new Beauty and the Beast so I knew what it was as soon as she added herself crying!
I pulled 'school' and didn't think my drawing was too bad, but now that I'm looking at it again I totally get why the Bean was so confused! Once she finally got it, she made up a whole story about what she saw going on in the picture and told me this picture meant so much to her she'd love to hang it as art - ha! I told her it was hers for 5 bucks. She looked at me shocked and said "five dollars!? Kenzie! It's garbage!" hahaha :)

I will spare you from any more of our drawings - none of them were great but I was surprised by how much fun we had playing pictionary! Definitely a great power outage game! We went for dinner as a family and came home to discover that we still had no power! It came on in the middle of the night, so we have lights on this morning and I am so glad to have a little energy back in our house!

See you tomorrow with pesto (I promise!!).

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