Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favorites: Back to School!

Happy Friday and Happy September!! As I am writing that, I can hardly believe it's September! I mean, bring on all the Fall things but summer went by so fast! Here are some highlights from the last week of August...
1. This morning, I am going Kindergarten Balloon Parade! I have never been to a balloon parade, but I can't imagine there being anything much cuter than little five year olds marching into school with balloons! The school that I am students teaching at welcomes the new Kindergartners every year with a balloon parade - all of the older grades make welcome signs and stand along the entrance path while the Kindergartners walk into school! Isn't this such an amazing welcome to school!?
2. I have talked about tea a whole lot on my blog. I'm pretty darn boring when it comes to drinks - I really only drink water and tea. For the longest time, I only drank mint tea. Last fall, I ventured out and drank Bengal Spice (it is a perfect Fall tea!!). And this summer, I could not get enough if this 'Feeling Calm' Chamomile Citrus Tea! It has a few extra flavors added to the chamomile, like orange, lavender, passion flower... and it is so good! It is such a fun twist on the typical chamomile and offers a little more flavor!

3. My mom went Gluten Free in January and at first it was a major struggle to find recipes that work well when the regular flour is subbed for gluten free flower. It took a minute, but we are finally finding a groove around here where making gluten free meals isn't a challenge at all! Next week, I'm sharing 2 delicious recipes that are both gluten free! One recipe is for sweet potato, black bean and quinoa burgers (these are vegan too!) and the other is for the fluffiest gluten free pancakes! I am so excited to get these recipes up! Please let me know if you have any gluten free burgers that you love!
4. Before my friend, Hannah left for Poland, we sat down together so that I could help her set up a blog!! She had been mentioning starting one to me for a while and I am so excited to announce that her very first blog post went up yesterday! While I am very sad that she is halfway across the world, I can't wait to hear about all of her adventures and I am so glad she will be blogging them all! You can find out more about Hannah HERE.

5. Yesterday, I got to use a laminating machine and it was love at first use :) I'm seriously considering asking for a laminating machine for Christmas! I don't know if laminating has much use outside of the classroom but you better believe I will laminate everything in sight! Yesterday, I was laminating labels for my students' desks and I could not get enough! Definitely one of my favorite parts of this week!

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I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Having a laminating machine is so useful! You will soon want to laminate everything! lol