Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DIY Eye Pillows

I mentioned these eye pillows on Friday. Today, I'm sharing the step by step process that went into make these eye pillow. Before we start, I should mention - this is a super easy sewing project! I mean, we are just sewing 2 rectangles together then turning them right side out. I am definitely not a sewer extraordinaire and I am open to any tip you have to share with me!

First, you will need to measure and cut your fabric. I recommend choosing a fabric that is soft as this pillow will be going over your eyes. Use a pencil to measure a 4 1/2'' by 10'' rectangle on the fabric. Use fabric scissors to cut out the rectangle once it's been traced. You will need 2 of these rectangles to make one eye pillow.

Place the cut out rectangles together with the 'bad' side facing out. You want the nice side on the inside and the side with the tracing on the outside. Next, use a pencil to mark a line 1/2'' from the side around each side and pin you rectangles together along those 1/2'' markings.
Then, you can go ahead a sew the rectangles together! I recommend staying on your traced 1/2'' line as much as possible - this will make for an even pillow in the end. Sew around three sides of the rectangle, leaving one side detached except for a small 1/2'' seam on each side. I recommend leaving one of the 4 1/2'' sides as the open side. This opening will allow you to turn your eye pillow right side out and fill it later.
 Hopefully the picture above better explains how I sewed the 2 rectangles together!
Once the rectangles are sewed together, turn the pillow right side out by pulling the fabric through the open whole.

I used a capped pen to gently push out the corners of the eye pillow and then it was ready to fill! I filled the pillows with dried beans and rice. Fill the eye pillow until there is about 2 inches of empty space at the top. Then turn the fabric left on the opening inwards and sew the eye pillow shut. I sewed the pillows shut by hand, but you could use your machine to do this.

Tomorrow, I'm going to talk a little more about sewing & where to begin! It is one of my goals for the next couple of months! I would love to become a great sewer!

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