Monday, October 23, 2017

Music for Monday: Collide

Growing up, I was a huge Hilary Duff fan and I would be lying if I said I didn't still love her! I don't listen to her music as often as I used to, but I will always love it because it's so familiar to me. I didn't only listen to Hilary Duff music - no! I did it all! I watched her movies, I listened to her music, I watched her Disney Channel show, I even wore clothes from her clothing line! I was Hilary Duff crazy!

I'm not crazy enough to share Hilary Duff music - I know that her music was made to target a very specific audience and I happened to fit the bill! Instead, I'm sharing my favorite song from a Hilary Duff movie. I loved 'The Perfect Man' when I was younger! I haven't seen it in years, but I'm sure I would still love it - ha! And I've loved Howie Day's song 'Collide' ever since watching that movie!

Collide - Howie Day

I hope your Monday is full of happy!

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